Like many of you, I embarked on life searching for what to do.  I started off in drafting and interior design, then went into Industrial Automation Design.  However, after working for large MNC, I saw the office politics and went into the Non-profit working in Youth development.  Then a trip in Yunnan, China change my direction and I moved to China and spent 13 years there.  I founded a Sustainable Development NGO in the USA and also a Provincial level Consulting Company.  In my 13 years there, I helped hundred of thousands of villages out from poverty and also provided consulting to various SMEs and organization.  I was later appointed as a guest lecturer and community development consultant by Yunnan University.

Upon returning to Singapore, I started to see the large numbers of seniors who got retrenched and also the ageing population problem.  I took 3 years working in the Non-profit to understand what Singapore and the World has gone into.  During this phase, I also became a Business Advisor under the Spring-SIM Business Advisor Programme.  My strengths and interests span widely due to my involvement in consulting and community development for over 15 years.  During the recent Transformational Business Network conference and listening to Ryan Eliason’s talk on his programme, I got inspired to put together everything I have learned into this NICHE Incubator as a SYSTEM, so that people with dreams can come and see their dream hatch into REALITY!

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  • Making Your Solutions Known To Others